Your only 2 jobs: Happiness & Success

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People get side-tracked

The advertising industry has instilled the habit of making promises and guarantees, sometimes just to sell, and other times, just because it sounds good. It’s difficult to trust anybody nowadays, in our global village: Planet Earth. Everything seems far away and unattainable, even communities are more easily accessible than ever!

Lack of priorities = Lack of direction

If you write notes and plans on a notebook, you might get a glimpse of your future in that notebook. But without any plans whatsoever, there is no way of telling what next year will bring.

Happiness does not mean being constantly satisfied

If we were constantly satisfied with where we were, then we would never depart toward a newer destination. Being grateful of what you have is a good thing, because if you can appreciate it and see its value, you can use it — be it skills, or even assets you acquired.

People don’t work for themselves (and for what they want)

You can easily see, that when people are more reactive and don’t bring anything to the table, they don’t know what to take from the table for themselves. And how can they find tables that suit them, anyway?

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

Rather than worry: work!

So there you have it: the thing that hinders Happiness and Success is peoples’ inability to put the work in.



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Iustin Ghergu

Iustin Ghergu

I write about Future Tech and Society🤖⚡ Twitter: @Iustin_G