Expressive Capital

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  • Human capital — since time immemorial, the workforce that one person outputted was pretty much equal to what a different one could output. Human capital was insightful in terms of “how many farmers work this land”, “how many soldiers there are in this army”, etc. and one could estimate the output of that workforce.
  • Physical capital — not only people and their ability to work and produce were valuable assets, but land, factories, cattle etc. were resources, most of which could be traded in the market at profit (or loss). But this type of capital removes the time constraint that it takes for one person to do work. And it makes it easier and faster for people to reap the rewards of their labour.
  • Financial capital — i.e. Currency. It removes the physical constraint of physical capital.
  • Intellectual capital — Some ideas — intellectual property — are more useful than others (in certain cases, anyway). Information is power. Some ideas properly articulated and pitched are valuable to certain parties. This new level of capital removes the constraint of scarcity from financial capital. Because ideas are endless. Of course, we do need human capital and time, but some ideas are great while others suck, so there is diversity there and more importantly leverage. Things get complicated on this level, but it is also the level where we can get creative with our resources and create some valuable intellectual capital. Capital which becomes an asset and can also be sold.
  • Emotional capital — this one builds on top of the other quite strongly because people get attached to ideas, symbols, values and plans (which are part of intellectual capital). The more affectionate people are towards a cause or a product, the more they will support it, promote it, recommend it and use it. Why? Because they love it. Or at least they like it. Examples are: PC vs. Mac, Marvel vs. DC, casual attire vs. professional attire vs. sports attire, etc. It is correlated more to marketing than anything else. If intellectual capital means ideas, then emotional capital is delivery of those ideas.

The most recent addition to all these is the Expressive Capital.

The plethora of social media activity and social campaigns causes an overflow of people that stand for causes. Many even being against each other.

No! The solution is to bring fresh, new ideas which represent a group of people.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
Photo by Mikail Duran on Unsplash



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