And probably the most exciting one!

Gaming has gone a long way since it’s inception. It moved from consoles and personal computers to mobile phones, to the internet and, recently, to the blockchain.

Cult classics have become symbols for generations which people can connect through. For many, their video game…

Businesses want to make sales.

No doubt about that. However, they often end up spamming random people with their sales copy. Often even people who have nothing to do with their products or services.

It feels spammy and it is. It doesn’t make sales.

Businesses should follow a structure when…

The most vital currency in today’s age is expression.

I found the term “expressive capital” when reading Hugh MacLeods’ book, “Evil Plans”. It represents an attribute that some companies make use of on their products. Basically, the more personality and expressiveness the product has, which resonates with you — the…

Everyone does remote meetings nowadays! The culture has changed from having a room with people, drinking coffee, typing at their laptops and guiding discussions through the multitude of subject matters that they have to cover and resolve to… them doing the same thing BUT through their screens.

It’s an unusual…

and how cool they are!

Intro to Python Notebooks

“Notebooks” are web applications that run on the browser which basically give you, the user, an interface to a virtual machine that runs an out-of-the-box environment. They are based on the Jupyter Notebook project — an open-source project that brings machine learning development to your…

SPOILER ALERT: it’s Nostalgia!

If we wouldn’t have feelings and we’d keep going straight ahead, checking off our tasks from our to-do lists and accomplishing our goals and getting closer and closer to our objectives life would be easy.

It would be easy because we would not get derailed from…

a short hands-on introduction

Virtual environments are a tool used to separate different python environments, on the same computer. Traditionally, each computer has one installation of the python programming language with its respective set of modules> Those modules as well had one running version. This set-up is not flexible enough…

And it’s no surprise for anybody

People fascinate me.
I always have respect for people. I never intend to overstep limits or do wrong onto anybody else, and nothing is worth becoming a ruthless inhuman person.

But however, people fascinate me. And I noticed patterns.

Humans are creatures of habit…

…and why it is the de facto in ML

Python is the de facto programming language used is machine learning. This is owed to it’s simplicity and readability, which allows users to focus on the algorithms and results, rather than wasting time on structuring code efficiently and keeping it manageable.


and how will we shape the new world?

The bad

First of all, it’s a tragedy that people are dying in large numbers. And it’s concerning that people don’t feel safe anymore as they have been (most of them) accustomed all their life.

Most countries’ economies have seen an unprecedented downfall. This…

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